Transfer a Firearm

Transferring a Firearm to/from Youngsville Gun Club & Range

Transferring a firearm can seem complicated and that is why we have the most efficient process in the area to transfer firearms from another dealer in or out of North Carolina. To have a firearm transferred to YGC, please provide the following information to your transferring dealer.

The transferring dealer will need to send an email to with your name and ‘FFL Transfer from “Transferring Company Name” as the subject line. In the body of the email please have the transferring company provide the following information:

  • Person Picking Up the Firearm’s First & Last Name (Transferee)
  • The best telephone number to reach the person picking up the firearm
  • Name of  Dealer (FFL) who is sending the firearm to Youngsville Gun Club & Range (Transferor)
  • Email address and best telephone number to contact the FFL Dealer transferring the firearm to YGC
  • For the safety of our customers, we only accept transfers from licensed dealers (FFL). Therefore, please also have them include a copy of their FFL (Dealer License) with the email.

Transferring a Firearm from YGC to Another FFL Dealer in NC or out of state.

To have a firearm transferred from YGC to another FFL dealer in the State of North Carolina or out of state, please stop by with the following information or send an email to with your name and ‘FFL Transfer to “Company Name”’ as the subject line.

In the body of the email please have:

  • Transferee’s legal first and last name
  • A valid phone number for that person
  • A brief description of what you are sending (handgun, long gun, etc.)
  • Name of FFL Dealer who will be accepting the transfer
  • Email and phone number for the FFL dealer

After we receive your information we will contact you to schedule a time to bring in the firearm, pay for shipping, and YGC’s transfer fee ($25). Once completed, we will reach out to your selected dealer to start the process to transfer. You are more than welcome to provide your own, open, not sealed shipping boxes for shipping. Please note that we will not ship any ammunition with transfers and will verify all contents if the box has been sealed by any other person other than a YGC employee. Insurance on shipping is optional but is highly recommended to protect your firearm in transit.

Individual-to-Individual In-Store Transfers

In-store individual-to-individual transfers must be scheduled in advance. To transfer a firearm in-store to another individual please schedule an appointment by sending an email to or calling us at 919.412.4279. Once we receive your request we will respond with a few open dates and times for the appointment. Our appointment times will be scheduled from Tuesday through Friday. At the time of transfer please have the following available:

  • Both parties must be present
  • Both parties must have a valid government issued ID’s
  • Purchasers must comply with all State & Federal regulations for purchasing firearms
  • The transfer Fee for pistols and rifles is $25
  • The NFA transfer fee (for SBR’s and suppressors) is $50

Our FFL Transfer Commitment

YGC works to provide quick and fast responses for every transfer. Due to the volume of transfers, we ask that you please keep transfer requests in this format. Additionally, we do not have access to shippers tracking numbers, unless provided, and you as the buyer normally will know when your firearm arrives at our location before we do. If you have tracking information that shows it has arrived at Youngsville Gun Club & Range, please be aware that it can take up to 24-48 hours to process once it has arrived. To ensure you are able to pick up your firearm when you arrive, please wait for us to call you, or you can call us at 919.412.4279 at any time to ensure your firearm is ready for pick-up.