Youngsville Gun Club & Range is a full-service indoor range, gun store, and firearms experience! We are built on the idea that the indoor gun range should be modernized to take full advantage of the latest technological advances in firearms training. 

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A Technology Driven Shooting Range

Utilizing the same technology as tier 1 operators and professional shooters, YGC is the only indoor shooting range that boasts digital live-fire targets, a fully responsive simulation room and a well-stocked gun store and retail space; all located within a luxurious country club environment.

20 Indoor Shooting Lanes

Twenty spacious shooting lanes divided into three distinct bays, allowing for private rentals and special events. Pistols and Rifles up to .308 Winchester will be welcomed.

Digital Live Fire Targets

Digital Live Fire Targets are fully responsive to shot placement, enabling shooters to practice with moving targets and situational scenarios (such as shooting at a hostage taker).

Special Events & Memberships

YGC will host an array of special events as well as offering membership only perks and discounts that include after-hours range access and training opportunities.

Firearms & accessories

With over 3000 square feet of retail floorspace, YGC has one of the largest selections of firearms and accessories available in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.


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Who we are

Youngsville Gun Club & Range (YGC) is a company influenced by many years of customer requests asking for a range to be built in the area. Now we offer a high-end indoor shooting range and high-inventory gun store under one roof!

YGC is built upon the idea that the modern range should be just that, modern. Our facility throws off the constrains of the antiquated targeting systems found at every other range, by utilizing a digital experience in which we all live, work, and play.

Cutting Edge Gun Range Technology

The Digital Live Fire (DLF) that will be used throughout our shooting range is made up of four main components. Each one contributing to an entirely new experience.

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50 exclusive LIFETIME memberships for unlimited range time, access to our VIP Room, Simulator Room, and Classroom for all of your business and recreation needs
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Paid annually or monthly enjoy the range with unlimited range use, 12 guest passes per year, and member only discounts!
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Training and Education Classes

Explore the classes and training courses offered at Youngsville Gun Club + Range.

AR 15 Fundamentals

This classroom and live-fire AR-15 Fundamentals course is designed to introduce responsible gun owners to the safe handling, proper maintenance, and effective use of AR-15-style rifles in the context of civilian home defense and defense.

Classroom topics include:

  • Overview of basic AR-15 nomenclature and function
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Accessorizing the AR-15

Live-range topics include:

  • How to safely and effectively operate an AR-15
  • How to confirm zero
  • How to improve skills and precision with an AR-15

Prerequisite: None

Youth Firearm Marksmanship and Safety Course

Our Youth Firearm Marksmanship and Safety Course is designed to cater to both young individuals with some prior experience in firearms and those who are completely new to the world of shooting. This comprehensive course combines marksmanship training with a strong emphasis on safety and responsible firearm handling. Participants will develop their marksmanship skills in a safe and controlled environment while gaining a solid foundation in firearm safety principles.

Required Course Materials 

  • 1 Handgun (a .22lr Handgun will be provided for each student to use)
  • 50 Rounds of Ammunition (available to purchase)
  • Eye & Ear Protection (personal or rented at no cost)

Prerequisite: none

YGC Handgun Fundamentals 2

Handgun Fundamentals 2 is designed for shooters who want to improve their knowledge and skill in the fundamentals of practical handgun use, with a focus on how to safely and efficiently present (draw) their handgun from the holster.   This class builds upon topics covered in Handgun Fundamentals 1, adding reloads with retention, Type 1 and 2 malfunction clearances, and basic handgun maintenance.  You will spend less time in the classroom and more time on the range than in Handgun Fundamentals 1.   By the end of this 4-hour class you should be able to efficiently draw your handgun from the holster and apply the fundamentals under increasing time pressure.

Prerequisite: Handgun Fundamentals 1 or equivalent training

YGC Handgun Fundamentals

This class is designed to provide new or novice shooters a firm grounding in the fundamentals of the practical use of a handgun.  You will be introduced to the principles of firearms safety, handgun nomenclature, operation, marksmanship, and gun handling.

The class is split evenly between the classroom and the range.   On the range you will learn to shoot different engagement sequences and how to conduct speed reloads.   By the end of this 4-hour class you should feel much more comfortable with how to safely operate your handgun, and can apply the fundamentals of marksmanship and gun handling inside 7 yards.

Required Course Materials 

  • 1 Handgun (personal or rented)
  • 50 Rounds of Ammunition (Minimum)
  • Eye & Ear Protection (personal or rented)


Prerequisite: None

YGC Concealed Carry Handgun Enhanced (CCH-E)

This 8-hour course is for those who already have a NC CCH permit but want to go beyond the minimum requirements to gain the skills and confidence necessary to routinely carry a concealed handgun. This class can be taken with CCH-B in the same weekend or at another time.

CCH Enhanced combines Defensive Handgun 2 with our Carry Daily 1 class to provide the fundamentals of how to present the pistol safely and effectively from the holster, as well as considerations for carrying concealed and self-defense tactics. Range drills will focus on practical time and accuracy standards common in self-defense situations.

By the end of class, you will understand best practices for carrying your handgun concealed and have skills to shoot effectively from the open or from concealment.

Prerequisite: CCH-B or DH 1

YGC Concealed Carry Handgun Basic (CCH-B)

This 8-hour course will provide the minimum skills and knowledge necessary to earn a training certificate to apply for a NC Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) permit.

This course is not intended for new shooters. Taking this course assumes you already have the skills and experience to safely handle, use/manipulate and shoot handguns/pistols. If you do not have those skills or are not yet comfortable with a firearm, you may want to consider taking a Private Lesson or the Basic Handgun course before pursuing the CCH qualification course.

Both a written test and 30-round practical shooting test must be successfully completed to pass.

Prerequisite: None