YGC Firearm Rentals

Youngsville Gun Club & Range (YGC) Rental Program

Don’t have a firearm, no problem. Want to try a firearm before you purchase it, no problem, throwing an event and you are unsure your guests have firearms, no problem. Bringing a guest with you to YGC who doesn’t have a firearm, no problem. Youngsville Gun Club & Range has you covered with our ever-growing rental fleet and this is how it works. YGC’s rental program allows anyone to enjoy the range, try before you buy, and enjoy all sorts of firearms that are not readily available to the public to purchase.

Our rental program is designed to provide the most value for folks who want to rent firearms. When you rent a firearm from Youngsville Gun Club & Range (YGC), you can exchange it as many times as you want for any firearm within the same caliber during your lane reservation period. For example, if you rent a handgun chambered in 9mm, you may exchange it for any one of our other manufacturer’s handguns in the rental fleet that is also chambered in 9mm with no additional costs. Furthermore, if you rent any of our firearms and you decide to purchase that firearm during that visit, we will waive your rental charge for that visit.

  • Not all firearms available at Youngsville Gun Club & Range are available for rent
  • Exchanges must be the same caliber and firearm category, i.e Long Gun, Handgun, Sub Gun, Shotgun, etc…

Firearm Rental Policies

  • To rent or be in the lane with a full auto firearm; you must be 21 years of age and have taken YGC’s Full Auto Safety Class
  • To rent a handgun or suppressor from YGC, you must be 21 years or older
  • To rent a rifle or shotgun of any type you must be 18 years of age
  • Prior to leaving the range, please ensure all rental firearms are unloaded and verified by the on-duty Range Safety Officer (RSO) in the bay before turning them back into the rental counter. Range Officers will be easily identifiable in each bay
  • YGC will hold the renter’s driver’s license until the rental firearm has been returned. Rental Firearms are not allowed to leave the YGC building at any time for any reason
  • Ammunition used with any YGC firearm rental must be purchased from Youngsville Gun Club & Range (YGC) on the day of the rental
  • When exchanging or returning your rental firearm, make sure the firearm is unloaded and verified by an on-duty Range Safety Officer, the magazine is out & empty, and a chamber flag has been inserted into the firearm to indicate visually that it is unloaded

A Chamber flag will be provided with each rented firearm being rented