YGC Corporate Membership

YGC Corporate Membership

YGC’s Corporate Membership Program is available to companies that want to host sales and/or employee training events at a location that can host an entertainment event, as well as a social event. This offers a unique opportunity for businesses that want to entertain their employees and customers in a way that drives greater satisfaction and new business.   In addition to the invaluable year-long benefits, corporate members enjoy increased visibility and high-level exposure to all our visitors through discounted ad space on our digital live fire targeting systems.

Participation in the YGC Corporate Membership Program requires the corporation to be generally acceptable to the YGC membership; consistent with YGC’s goals and objectives; committed to the aims of the shooting sports industry. Participation in the YGC Corporate Membership Program is at YGC’s sole discretion.

Pricing for Corporate Membership

$3999 includes 6 employees, additional employees are $150 per employee, no initiation fee, renewed annually

Free lane rentals Tuesday-Sunday
1-week advanced lane rental scheduling
Discount on Rentals
Discount on Guests ($5 off)
YGC Merchandise discount (10%)