YGC Corporate Membership

YGC Corporate Membership

YGC’s Corporate Membership Program is available to companies that want to host sales and/or employee training events at a location that can host an entertainment event, as well as a social event. This offers a unique opportunity for businesses that want to entertain their employees and customers in a way that drives greater satisfaction and new business.

Participation in the YGC Corporate Membership Program requires the corporation to be generally acceptable to the YGC membership; consistent with YGC’s goals and objectives; committed to the aims of the shooting sports industry. Participation in the YGC Corporate Membership Program is at YGC’s sole discretion.

Pricing for Corporate Membership

$3999 includes 6 employees, additional employees are $150 per employee, no initiation fee, renewed annually

Free lane rentals Tuesday-Sunday
1-week advanced lane rental scheduling
Discount on Rentals
Discount on Guests ($5 off)
YGC Merchandise discount (10%)