Individual Training and Private Instruction

Welcome to the highest quality private instruction and individual firearms training in the Triangle! Our goal is to provide personalized, realistic, and practical, firearms training to the surrounding community; regardless of experience-level. We work with each individual in order to create a quality firearm aptitude, mind-set and skill that our students will be able to incorporate into their daily activities.

Our mission is to prepare students of all backgrounds, experience-level, and ability, the attitude and skills necessary to fully master your firearm and/or counter the growing threat in today’s modern society. The Instructor’s training philosophy will uphold safety and standards, yet still provide fun, safe and effective training to our customer base. Our philosophy is based on the following elements:

Safety: Safety is never conceded during any training activity, event, or scenario. The four fundamental firearms rules are paramount and will be incorporated into the full-spectrum of individualized training.

Foundation: Our training focuses on the cumulative progression of imperative skills, critical-thinking, and attitude in order to ensure constant improvement and high standards throughout all training and operations.

Performance/Learning Standards: We believe in techniques, tactics, and procedures based on the constantly-evolving threat environment. Furthermore, we will set the conditions to ensure that you can visit the range, independently and safely. Safety, efficiency, and challenges will be emphasized throughout our training. We will incorporate character, ethics, and patience into our instruction, due to diverse student character, capabilities, and learning-curve. However, safety, high-standards, and integrity will never be compromised.

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