Gunsmithing at Youngsville Gun Club & Range

If your firearm isn’t working as well as you think it should, it’s broken, you want to restore it, you want us to perform a maintenance check, you think it can be better, and/or you just want to customize your firearm to match your personality, then YGC’s Gunsmithing is the place for you. You can trust YGC’s professional team of gunsmiths to perform those services and more. YGC’s gunsmith’s mission is to ensure your firearms run safe and leave our shop better than they came in.

We believe firearms and gunsmithing is a form of art and every gun is different. Because of that, it can be very difficult to give accurate pricing without seeing your firearm in person. Below you can get a general idea for some common services we offer. Please remember to bring firearms in a case and unloaded.

Gunsmithing Services by Type (Basic hourly rate: $100)

Firearm Cleanings:

  • Revolvers start at $45
  • Polymer Frame Firearms start at $45
  • 1911’s starts at $60
  • Modern Precision Rifles (AR15/10) and Long Guns (bolt action/semi) start at $60
  • Rushed Cleaning- same day cleaning adds $20 to the cleaning fee
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning adds $20

Sights and Sighting in Firearms (Typically sights take around 30 min. However, some firearms are more difficult and can take 60 mins)

  • Install Handgun Sights starts at $45
  • Install Long Gun Scope starts at $55
  • Sighting in your firearm starts at $60


  • Call or stop by for pricing


  • Revolver Action Tuning
  • Trigger Jobs
  • Fit/install custom parts
  • Stippling

And so much more! Don’t see what you are looking for, call 919.412.4279 or email our gunsmiths today at