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Why Train at YGC?

By: Guy Coursey

The firearms training world is broad. If you want top tier, can afford it and have at least a week, there are places like Gunsite, Sig Sauer Academy, Thunder Ranch and other schools that can provide excellent training on a level similar to what special forces soldiers and SWAT team members get – for a price. Unfortunately, most people don’t have that kind of time or money. For them, there are usually firearms instructors available nearby, some well-qualified, many less so. It can thus be difficult to find training locally that combines many elements of top tier schools with high quality instruction for a reasonable price. Fortunately, YGC is one of those places. If you are making hard decisions about where to invest your limited training time and dollars, here are some reasons to consider YGC:

  1. Gunfighting foundation: The foundation of training at YGC is the Combat Pyramid, which is about teaching good people the practical skills to defend themselves with a gun. Most firearms training programs focus mainly on safety and marksmanship. While important, these two things must also be balanced with proper mindset, gun handling, and basic tactics to fully prepare you to make good decisions and defend yourself in the extreme stress of a violent encounter. Anything less is simply providing false confidence.

    2. Curriculum: YGC training is focused on newer shooters, but more experienced shooters can benefit as well. Our progressive curriculum is comprehensive, has high standards, is performance based. We use techniques that are proven to work. YGC has a variety of handgun, concealed carry, long gun classes, including some rarely taught elsewhere, including practical shotgun and pistol mounted optics (PMO). We also offer short seminars at different levels that will teach many aspects of practical shooting and related subjects, such as firearms cleaning, first aid, and firearms safety for younger shooters.

    3. Professional Instructors: Every YGC instructor is screened, trained and qualified to practical shooting standards that are much higher than most other ranges. Each generally has over a decade or more of practical shooting and teaching experience. The YGC Instructor patch is something that must be earned, and excellent performance sustained. Our instructional team is dedicated to give each student a world-class training experience.

    4. Range Technology: YGC has some of the best range technology you can find anywhere, including electronically projected, self-scoring targets and games. We have a virtual reality room with training simulations that will challenge you with realistic scenarios to make decisions and take action under stress in real time that are part of many of our more advanced classes.

    5. Challenging Fun. Some people feel intimidated when on shooting ranges or in firearms training. At YGC we believe learning is effective when you have fun. While you may be challenged in our classes and competitions, you will do so while enjoying the experience. We want everyone to make friends and have fun improving their knowledge and skills, regardless of age, goals or ability.


Shooting drills are a very common way for people to train, objectively evaluate their ability, and improve their skill level. Some drills are relatively easy, while others are so challenging as to be nearly impossible except by all but master class shooters. Some however incorporate tiered performance levels. At YGC we like to use the Triple Nickel to help provide an objective way to evaluate general shooting ability, as well as a method to challenge students to improve their performance to higher levels. The Triple Nickel is loosely based on the well-known “Bill Drill”. The Triple Nickel uses an IDPA-style target with an 8″ high chest (COM) circle and 4″ head circle. At every level the shooter will shoot 5 rounds, at 5 yards, in 5 seconds starting from the holster. There are five levels:

  • Level 1: As described above, freestyle.
  • Level 2: As describe above, strong hand only.
  • Level 3: 4 rounds COM, 1 head, freestyle.
  • Level 4: Starting with 4 rounds in the gun, shoot 4 rounds COM, slide lock reload, 1 round COM.
  • Level 5: Same as Level 4, but last round to the head.
  • Scoring: All hits must be in the designated scoring circle within time and not breaking the line to pass.

The Triple Nickel is a good drill for beginning shooters just learning the fundamentals. While the target is relatively large, the distance close and the time generous, it is challenging if the shooter’s fundamentals of marksmanship are not solid, or the draw is inefficient. The accuracy standard is not forgiving. Once Level 1 is mastered, Level 2 adds on the additional challenge of shooting multiple shots with only one hand, while Level 3 requires a tempo change to make the precision head shot. At Levels 4 and 5 the challenge is significantly increased with the addition of a slide lock reload. Even competent shooters may have some difficulty at these levels. A shooter who can pass all five levels can safely claim be more than competent with a handgun. Give the Triple Nickel a try and come train with YGC to have fun improving your practical shooting skills.

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