Firearms Training & Private Instruction

Youngsville Gun Club & Range is committed to providing the most in-depth firearms training in the Raleigh area. In addition, we boast the best instructors and most entertaining environment you can possibly train in. As a result, you’ll be glad you made the investment in YGC firearms training!

We offer a wide variety of firearms training, both in groups and private instruction.  We’ve tailored our training to new shooters, advanced shooters, women, and kids. Our courses range from 2-hour mini-courses to multi-day classes. Firearms training classes cover the basics of maintaining and safely storing your firearms, concealed carry, self-defense, and safe storage of firearms around children. Our goal is to offer a curriculum that will meet everyone’s personal training needs, regardless of your current experience level. 

Our classes are designed to teach the practical aspects of using firearms. This includes self-defense, competition, and recreational shooting.  We believe in high standards of training and we strive for excellence. In short, we employ the best shooting instructors you can find!

Our methods progressively build on your abilities. We utilize classroom, live fire, virtual reality, and interactive training scenarios.  We will focus on improving your aim, increasing your awareness, and increasing your gun handling abilities. For example, while our basic North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun (NC CCH) course will provide you the basic requirements for the concealed carry permit, we also offer an Enhanced NC CCH class which covers a variety of topics and skills. Our world-class firearms instructors will cover everything from drawing from the holster to engaging the target accurately and quickly. In other words, our enhanced course turns any student into a proficient and fully equipped daily carrier. As a result, you will be properly prepared for any situation life throws at you.

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